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Business Coaching

High Performance Business Coaching 

Business coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your business goals and achieve success. Business Coaching is a partnership. It’s a place where you go for guidance, support, and accountability so you can figure out what’s in the way of creating the business you want. Business Coaching is not just about having a trusted guide, they also have to have the right strategy.

high performance business coaching

Marty Clay is an entrepreneur, human behaviour specialist and Podcast Host of Unlocked From Within. He is on a mission to empower millions with actionable strategies for positive change.

Marty also heads NFPD Snow Brand, an online snow apparel store he founded in 2017 from his parents' garage. Self-funded and driven by his determination, the brand now spans over 12 countries and is stocked in two prestigious retail locations. Marty's journey began in aviation logistics and led him to remarkable roles, from working on a superyacht for a global magnate to managing real estate development in Japan.

Marty's story has reached far and wide, including a live interview on David Meltzer's show, "Office Hours." He has also been interviewed on podcasts "The Outback Mind Podcast" & Comfort, Peace & Freedom with Ken Rusk.

As a visionary entrepreneur, behaviour expert and advocate for positive change, Marty continues to illuminate pathways to a more empowered and fulfilled life.

unlocked from within podcast

During our time together, we can:

- Talk about your business by exploring ideas and expanding your thinking to think bigger.

- Discuss your marketing strategy and direction

- Discuss struggles & challenges you might be facing and find solutions

- Help you find your focus and direction

- Look at areas within the business to delegate or outsource work to free you up to focus on more important areas on the business

- Help you with your sales skills and customer experience process

- Learn a skill you might be needing help with

- Simply keep you accountable or support and motivate you by helping keep you facing forward and focused during the tough times. We get it!

- Look at further ways to generate more profit and sales

business coaching


Please email us at marty@martyclay.com 

or call +61 432 156 647


We will use Zoom, Skype or in person.


Either 60min or 90 mins sessions. We have options of one off session or can also save money and buy a bundle of business coaching sessions. 


I use an online scheduler that will be emailed to you after you have booked and paid for a coaching session. Simply choose your day and time and your appointment is officially booked. I have made the process as simple as possible for my clients.

Additionally, I also work with:


Yes please click on the High Performance Mindset Coaching link or email me. 


Yes. I offer a specific package for couples looking to strengthen their relationship please email to get further info and pricing.  


Yes please email or call for pricing for coaching sessions or workshops.


Yes. Every world-class athlete has a coach in their corner to help them reach their full potential.  When we are “playing the game” of business and life, we can get too caught up in our own stories, pressures, challenges and setbacks to see the big picture. This is where a coach can look on from the sidelines & offer guidance and a different perspective. A coach challenges you, inspires you and helps you to ignite your inner fire, clarify your purpose and help achieve your goals both on the field and off the field. Please email or call for further info and pricing.


Yes. Please email me to have a chat. 



Please email us at marty@martyclay.com 

or call +61 432 156 647

Once you have paid for the session. You will get an email after the order confirmation email to select and book a suitable time for your business coaching session. Please check your junk/spam mail if you don't see the email. Any issues please email marty@martyclay.com   


Business Coaching 90mins

Business Coaching 90mins


Business Coaching 60mins

Business Coaching 60mins




Marty is amazing! he has helped me and the whole BookThinkers team subconsciously remove the energy of scarcity. It was a blockage I was aware I had and was impacting my business. We have now doubled our monthly income since the sessions with Marty. A profound life changing experience. Thank you for the breakthrough and helping remove the self limiting belief for myself and my team. Highly recommend the experience.

I had my first coaching session with Marty Clay today and wow, it really was an incredible way to start the day. It was just an hour in the morning, but it made a huge difference. Marty has a way of making things clear, like he's holding up a mirror that lets you see your thoughts from a different angle. He asks insightful questions and provides feedback that's genuine and grounded. He's engaged, committed and really seems to care about helping you move forward. It's pretty impressive what an impact a single hour can have. I started my day feeling somewhat overwhelmed, but after the session with Marty, I felt more in control and ready to tackle my day with positivity. I definitely recommend a session with Marty Clay. It's not just about what you'll learn in that hour, but how it can change the way you approach your day. Trust me, it's an hour well spent!! Thank you Marty.

Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer VaynerMedia

Loved it just beautiful I feel genuinely warm and happy. Symbolically removing the energy was a very interesting experience and I felt so much lighter. A wonderful experience of breathwork and meditation. It would also help people dealing with grief and trauma. Thank you so so much for this gift empowering Marty!

David Meltzer

Loved it! Got so much out of it. I feel so much lighter. I had a surge of energy and frequency shift. Very cool experience empowering . Thank you so much for your help Marty powerful!

"Thank you for today at the workshop - Unlocked From Within.

I am walking away with a sense of peace and tools to add to my survival kit to improve and remove layers of emotions and self doubt.

The workshop was encompassing and engaging."

"Marty facilitated all conversations from an empathetic, thoughtful, and compassionate disposition, immersing me in a safe and supportive environment
where I felt comfortable to talk about my feelings which was originally uncomfortable for me to do. 

He offered insight from his own relationships which made me feel at ease that I was not alone, and that difficult times are a natural part of human existence.  His ongoing support was only a phone call away and he was always there to listen and provide advice in a non-judgmental way when I encountered potential roadblocks that needed navigating. 

I have also had weight issues in the past and tried exercising and dieting and ended up adding on more weight and feeling more frustrated. Since doing a few sessions with Marty and a combination of exercising and dieting something shifted and cleared a blockage and I have lost over 20kgs and competed in my first triathlon and ended up coming second overall.

As such I would highly recommend Marty as a Human behavior specialist as he has had such a positive influence on my life."

"Martin contributed to helping me achieve my successes in competing for Australia and ultimately winning a silver medal in the Ultra-marathon event. I would recommend Martin as a coach to anyone wanting to discover their selves and their values, and how to find their passion and mold it into their everyday life”

"Martin’s coaching & questioning helped me to see just how much I had previously been bogged down by small frustrating issues.

I was too busy in my day-to-day life, yet his patience and encouragement helped me to make goals and then achieve them.

At the end of each session I felt energized & his assistance to me has been priceless"

“We engaged Martin’s help after finding ourselves in a rut in our lives and our relationship. We were juggling three children and two full time jobs, and with so much change and unpredictability arising from Covid, we had started to navigate through the busyness of life as individuals, rather than as a team. We went into the conversations with Martin hoping to break down walls and barriers which had been built up over the years, with the heaviest emotion being resentment. I really appreciated Martin’s ability to make you feel immediately safe, comfortable, and respected. Every activity or experience was well explained by Martin and being able to do the coaching in the comfort of our own home made it that much more natural of an experience.

As a busy working mother, I really wanted practical strategies to help navigate the stressors and emotional resentment I was feeling. Martin guided me through visualizations to help remove these emotional blocks which were serving me no purpose and through different techniques around mindset, I was able to shift the way I interpreted negative traits about people and myself into how these can serve me positively.

Our sessions were well organised and structured, but also organic, with Martin being flexible to our conversations, needs, questions and feedback. We are so grateful for the generosity and knowledge Martin gave us to help us both not only as individuals, but as a couple and a family, to be the best versions of ourselves. We feel like we have found ourselves again and have tools and strategies to help us going forward.”

"I attended the workshop -Unlocked From Within.

I enjoyed the breathwork, it helped me stay present.

Working through blockages was a great experience and being able to learn the skills to continue to work on my blockages.

Turning someone's negatives into a positive was very insightful. It will help me with understanding others and neutralize emotions towards others.

I really enjoyed it and will use a lot of what I learnt, moving forward."

"I have had a session with Marty regarding my past with anger and Marty supported me through a breathing session and after the session I felt good.

I just had to relax and absorb the moment."

"Thanks Marty for the Unlocked From Within Workshop.

Valuable teachings for everyone and something I think is available for all ages - Male & Female.

Understanding your triggers from a person or certain type of person is life changing so an important part."

"Thanks for a great day Marty at the workshop - Unlocked From Within.

I have come away from today with some great tools for meditation, working on being more grateful and healing."